Just a site trying to help people find their next mini PC 🙂

I’ve started working on this site because of my own experience when buying a mini PC. There weren’t many sites specialized into this form factor, and none of them had all the information I needed, especially a list of mini PC models that I was most interested in – the gaming/performance models. Eventually, I found the PC that suited my needs, and I was curious, if I can make buying a new mini PC a better experience. Hopefully this site does it.

In the end, our goal is to make a decision which mini PC to buy easier.

For buyers that don’t want to spend much time investigating all the available options, we pick a few mini PCs that are the best options in their category. They are an easy and a safe purchase option.

For those who’d like to spend more time deciding which mini PC to buy, but are not tech-savvy, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide. It covers all the important details to watch out when buying a mini PC. Also, it contains some valuable information for advanced users, too.

Lastly, we’re building a searchable collection of all the relevant mini PCs on the market. It supports filtering and can be used to compare different models and find a mini PC with all the required features.