Best Gaming Mini PCs for 2019

Updated April 6, 2019: We’ve updated the list with 2 new models from Zotac, including Magnus EC52070D with state-of-the-art Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 which supports real-time ray tracing, and 9 models from Gigabyte.

It’s time to wrap 2018 up. This has been a great year with many new mini PC models released. What excites us the most are many new gaming models available on the market. For casual gamers it’s no longer necessary to buy a big tower desktop PC for a good gaming experience, and this is becoming more true every year. Mini PCs with dedicated GPUs can now run many great games with at least medium graphics settings.

Also, the future of gaming mini PCs is looking bright. Currently, most CPUs and GPUs are produced using 16 and 14 nm technologies, and the next year 12, 10 and 7 nm will be the prevailing processes. They will help bring thermal requirements even further down, and the mini PC will continue to be an appealing form factor.

There are currently 15 computers in our catalog with a dedicated GPU. Most of them are equipped with an Nvidia card, but there are a few with an AMD GPU as well.

Going into 2019 our top recommendation for best gaming mini PC is Intel NUC Kit NUC8i7HVK. You can read more about the model in our best recommendations for 2019.

Note that the ZOTAC MAGNUS mini PCs are available as barebones as well. They support SATA III and M.2 disk drives and have 2 free SO-DIMM slots.